14 April 2008

Reading Material To Get Excited About

That's right, you'll find it at BOOKGASM! And it seems that "yer man" M.C. is one of those exciting guys: check out the review of Out of the Gutter #4. Ah hell, you might not, so I'll quote:

Moving into the longer stories, M.C. O’Connor helps get things going with “Lonnie’s Ride,” with the attention-grabbing first line “Carleton looked like the Thalidomide spawn of an elephant seal.” It’s the tale of a Lonnie, a young man who steals a bunch of drugs from Carleton and skips town, catching a ride with a trucker who keeps propositioning him sexually and then claiming “just kidding” when Lonnie freaks out. You can only pull that so many times. (emphasis mine)

My first "review." Pretty cool, eh? If you have not purchased your copy of Out of the Gutter #4 yet, this is your chance. After all, you want to have more Bookgasms, don't you?

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