07 February 2008

Hella stoked, dawg!!!!!!

Yep, that's me, I'm hella stoked. Check out the link to Out of the Gutter (or click on the chick) and find your way to "Issue 4 Contributors." Yep, that's me! M.C. has a new story out there. I called it Lonnie's Mom, but after some editorial feedback and revisions, I think we settled on Lonnie's Ride. Matt Louis, the editor of OOTG, was enthusiastic about my submission and worked with me on some final polishing. I appreciated that very much. It would have been easy for him to toss it on the reject pile and pick another piece. But he seemed to want my story to work, so I used his suggestions to flesh it out a bit, and the final product was better for the changes. I'm really thrilled that it made the final cut for issue 4. So, my lovely readers, GO TO THE WEBSITE AND BUY THE DAMN MAGAZINE! Just think, my story is ONLY TWELVE BUCKS! And, the best part is you get a WHOLE MAGAZINE full of OTHER COOL STUFF as well. Such a deal. Tell your friends. Buy, buy, buy ISSUE FOUR of OOTG!


nancyo said...

ALL RIGHT, M.C.!!! Looking forward to my copy!!

JC Parsons said...

Congrats Dawg.
Keep it up, so far so good, but you are just scratching the surface of your potential.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Thanks for the encouragment, my friends. I'll keep plugging away if you keep reading!