11 January 2008

LAPHROAIG: the most richly flavoured of all malt whiskies

At least that is what they claim. And they may be right, at that. I'm not one to go around putting numbers on things like whisky, or giving grades fer chrissakes, but this stuff is amazing. Whether it is more "richly flavoured" than Talisker or Lagavulin or Auchentoshan Three Wood or Highland Park or Strathisla or any other single malt is up to the drinker. But DAMN, this stuff is tasty. The 10-year old is a spectacularly peaty brew, with a big phenolic aroma reminiscent of burnt rubber on high school asphalt. Yow-zah! The 30-year old (a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend) is a sublimely balanced spirit, with a rich sherry-wood flavor and a softer smokiness. A whisky like Laphroaig is an acquired taste, but I suggest you acquire it. You can't fully appreciate malt whisky until you have experienced the RANGE of possibilities, from the delicate, floral Speysides to the salty, seaweedy islanders. You'll be amazed by the variety that can be created from three ingredients: barley, water and peat. January is Laphroaig month on my whisky calendar (thanks, Nancy!) so that's why it is featured today on TPP. Next month: the aforementioned Highland Park.

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nancyo said...

An elegant and lyrical review of what sounds like a rather elegant and maybe even lyrical whiskey. And nice evocative turns of phrase, notably, '... with a big phenolic aroma reminiscent of burnt rubber on high school asphalt' -- yow-zah! is right! It will be entertaining, interesting, &, I'm sure, memorable to partake of the rest of the Whiskey Year's reviews -- sip on, M.C.!