10 August 2007

More on BLB

The anti-Bonds crap and the media blindness to his authentic athletic prowess and accomplishments is maddening for this baseball, SF Giants, and Barry fan. Thank goodness there are some real thinkers out there in pundit-land. I've already pointed TPP readers to Only Baseball Matters, a thought-provoking blog by John J. Perricone. Besides having the best title, the writing is first-rate, and his appreciation for Barry Bonds is as smart as it is refreshing. I came across another writer, Dave Zirin, who has a site called Edge of Sports. Check out his take on Bonds: Barry Bonds: Steroids, Scapegoats, and Sweet Satisfaction. I e-mailed Mr. Zirin to tell him "thanks" for the well-written, intelligent take on the Bonds Story. This piece appeared as a guest opinion in the smarmy SF Chronicle, where it was headlined "756*!" Why they chose to stick that nasty asterisk on the page in huge type is beyond me. But I've had it with the Comical. I grew up with this newspaper, but I'm sick of their cheap-shot outlook and phony sophistication. The only reason I read it anymore is because I will always think of the Bay Area as home, and it is a (admittedly weak) link to those bygone days. Congratulations, Barry, you are the HOME RUN KING.

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Anonymous said...

During the post-records crapola, I wandered into the San Jose Mercury News looking for an unrelated article and happened across the day's mail/commentary on Barry Bonds. It took my breath away, it was so vicious, mean-spirited and unreasonably ranting -- vitriolic is too tame a word. Where did the craziness come from -- these are really mean, irrational people, with no logical underpinning to their nastiness. The mob mentality is too easy to arouse -- this is really frightening. Thank god you mentioned Only Baseball Matters, as well as Dave Zirin, too -- I know there are reasonable folk out there, but they are keeping an awfully low profile, which is, in fact, scary. You're the Best, BB - and you are wise to ignore them. NOC