07 July 2007


Yes, it is the 7th of July--the seventh month--in the year aught-seven, VII-VII-VII. In Roman times, we would call today the "Nones." TPP vets will notice a change to the format, the "chick getting beat with a stick" is now featured prominently and the exhortation to buy OOTG is in the header. I have not received renumeration for my contribution--I was not paid to submit a story to OOTG, I did it as part of a contest in hopes of getting published. In theory, according to OOTG's website, I should get a T-shirt or a contributor's copy of the magazine. No such luck so far. I'm a subscriber, so I received my normal issue, but no "gifts" to this point. Do I push the point? Do I whine and say "But I didn't get my T-shiiiirrrrrt"? I dunno. I'm happy to be featured alongside some real pros. My stuff measures up! They'd have to pry the T-shirt from my cold, dead hands, but I can live without it. Getting in print is reward enough.
At least for now.
Non. Iul.


Anonymous said...

You didn't get your t-shirt yet??!! Of course you should bug them -- what gall to treat one of their better authors in such a cavalier manner. Take a Mark Twainism and let them have a letter written by a pen dipped in hell!

A secret and grouchily protective admirer.....

Angry Stephani "Marquard" said...

hEY I would want my freaken t-shirt..!!. Man just reading how you been jipped from a nice CHINA MADE cotten tee really makes me pissed... Make the point OOTG must bestow the deserved cotten teeeeshirtttt